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The only person holding you back from career success is yourself.

Let me help you break through self-limiting beliefs and behaviors with personalized career coaching or by creating a resume for you that captures the attention of employers and recruiters.

Resume Writing

Jenny is the real deal in the resume writing game! She helped create the best possible representation of my skills and experience, both on the military and civilian side. Jenny truly listened to my goals and my perceived obstacles, and offered a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating a strategy to get my dream job!

- Jessica R.

Speaking & Training

Help your employees become even more amazing at work through professional development seminars.

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If you want to be inspired by interviews with badass women who kicked their fears to the curb and conquered their goals like a boss...

then this is the podcast for you.


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Get Unstuck

Learn how to level up and go find out with these free articles!

You've got all the experience you need,

now gain the confidence to actually show it.

Tools & Resources

Find the catalyst you need to level up!

With resources like free resume or cover letter templates and links to free employment services organizations, you can start leveling-up without shelling out any cash!

Are you ready for professional growth?

About Jenny

After experiencing the "broken rung" while trying to move up the career to a management role, I decided to start my own career coaching and resume writing business. Before long I realized that the majority of my clients were women who were experiencing a similar situation to what I had encountered. Though they worked across all industries, these women shared the same struggle in leveling up to management roles or making the leap to run their own businesses.

How could I continue ignoring such a prevalent issue? I've since become passionate about helping women build the confidence and identify the tools needed to level up in their professional careers.

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