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Career Services

You've done a great job so far in moving up the career ladder, but to get to that next rung, you need a boost. Take your career to the next level with one of the packages below and show them you're ready for the major leagues.


Basic Package


$202 in savings!

Gain the ability to identify your professional accomplishments and the confidence to present your unique self to employers.

After a 1 hour finding session, I'll update your resume and your LinkedIn Profile then create a tailored cover letter toward the position of your choice.

This package also includes a 1 hour coaching session on your choice of the following:

  • How to Effectively Job Search

  • Interview Preparation/Mock Interview

  • How to Grow your Professional Network

Level-Up Coaching Package


Sometimes we need a little outside help to figure out why we're not moving in the direction or at the speed we thought we were. Let me help you get unstuck and back on track to achieve your career goals.

This package consists of three separate 1-hour coaching sessions and will include guided "homework" in between sessions.

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The Go Find Out Package


$595 in savings!

You're done messing around with not getting the job offers or opportunities you want. This is the package for ladies who are serious about taking on the world (and winning!)


On top of the services from the Basic Package (Finding Session, Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Cover Letter), this package also includes ALL of the following 1 hour, individual sessions:

  • How to Effectively Job Search

  • Interview Preparation/Mock Interview

  • How to Grow you Professional Network


The Level-Up Coaching Package consisting of 3 separate, 1 hour coaching sessions with guided homework in between sessions.

Services à La Carte

Just need one or two services instead of a whole package? Review the options below to see if they fit your unique needs.

Once you determine which à la carte services would be the best fit, schedule a consult and we'll get started!


An updated resume will help you convey your professional accomplishments to employers. This Service includes a 1 hour discovery call.


LinkedIn Profile

Get noticed by recruiters and employers with a more effective LinkedIn Profile!

This Service includes a 1 hour discovery call.


Cover Letter

Don't take chances on your application not getting noticed! Request a cover letter tailored toward a specific position which highlights why you're the best candidate for the job!


Practice Interview

Gain valuable feedback on how to ace the next interview! Encompasses a 30 minute practice interview and a 30 minute feedback session via phone or Skype.


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