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Professional development seminars for women

Empowering women to identify their greatest strengths, find exciting new projects or challenges within their current company, and be their own advocate when seeking vertical career growth.

Empowering women both in the workplace and in their personal lives leads to increased innovation and happiness.

The Go Find Out Talk

One hour speech great for inspiring any gathering of women to chase their dreams. 

Many women have goals or dreams that they've put on the back-burner because those dreams seem too big to achieve or too frightening to chase after. They let one of the 3 fears get in their way:

  • Fear of Failure

  • Fear of Success

  • Fear of Dream Deflation

In this talk, I'll explain how to mitigate these fears and start taking actionable steps toward goal achievement.

This isn't just a talk, it's a call to arms for women to push through their fears and Go Find Out!

Empowering women in the workplace leads to increased innovation and happiness at work 

Corporate Seminar

One hour seminar for women in corporate or nonprofit environments.

Too many organizations lose top-performing  employees when they fail to notice that female professionals struggle with self-promotion. Feeling underappreciated, these women move on to a new company where they hope things will be different. 

My Corporate Seminar focuses on providing women with the information and tools they need to identify their strengths at work, seek out new challenges within their position, and learn to advocate for themselves.  

Show your female staff that you appreciate them and that you want to help them professionally develop.


This 1 hour seminar pairs well with women's appreciation luncheons or dinners. 

Empower & Advocate


One hour seminar best for women's conferences and professional development sessions. 

Did you know that only 30% of women applicants try to negotiate a higher salary? And women only hold 38% of management roles with an ever dwindling percent of women holding positions higher up the career ladder. Unfortunately, a large reason for these sad statistics is that women struggle to self-promote or advocate for themselves at work. 


Let's work toward fixing this.

The Empower & Advocate Seminar focuses on providing women with the information they need to advocate for themselves and achieve career growth. Designed to fit women at all levels of an organization and across all industries, this seminar is packed full of actionable content intended to help women feel confident when negotiating a raise or asking for a promotion. 

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